About us

Student Castle has torn up the rulebook on student accommodation.

For us, it’s all about helping to create the ultimate university experience for the students who choose Student Castle. Where you live has a huge impact on your life as a student, and we’re in the perfect place to make sure your time at university is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

We know what actually matters to students, so we take care of all the little things so you can concentrate on getting the most out of your university experience.

All our schemes benefit from 100Mbps ultra-fast broadband and WiFi throughout and large study rooms. We’ve designed state-of-the-art common rooms with everything from TVs to games consoles, table tennis tables, pool tables, and on top of that we organise great socials and parties in them throughout the year. The secret to our success is putting just as much time and effort into the relationship we have with our students as we do into looking after our properties. Our rooms are designed in a fresh, clean style that takes into account what students really need.

And every one of our schemes is cared for by our directly-employed management and staff, who can help out with anything and everything. We even have a fantastic App. 

Since 2010, Student Castle have opened schemes in Bath, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Durham, London, Manchester, Newcastle, and York each one tailored to the city and its students. An additional two sites have recently opened in Oxford and Brighton. 

Student Castle places great emphasis on securing the most suitable and sustainable locations for their prospective students, and also provide accommodation which is designed and managed in a way that meets the needs of students on-site. This allows prospective students the opportunity to live in modern and safe accommodation within close proximity to their college or university, whilst also ensuring that students get the most out of their university experience. Student Castle has shown innovation within this sector with an extremely high standard of accommodation in a variety of contemporary layouts that respond well to the needs of the 21st Century student. 

For further information, please contact our team at marketing@studentcastle.co.uk 


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